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buffy_bitcas's Journal

Buffy Bitcas: The Best of Buffy Centered Crossover
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Thanks for checking out the new buffy_bitcas a community solely dedicated to Buffy centered crossovers. A place where you can go to find quality crossovers that always feature Buffy Summers as the main character, because trying to hunt them down is a real pain.

The idea stemmed from chatting with sean_anam one night about our love for Buffy centered crossovers. We thought having a place where one could go and find good crossovers for various fandoms would be such a genius idea. At first it was more a joke and then after talking with moire2 it was decided that it really should be done. Thus the three of us have created this community.

How it Works
There'll be a post in which you recommend fanfiction through replies. One of the three of us will review the piece and if it meets our requirements then we'll post a header for the piece with the link and a short or long (depending on our mood) reason as to why you should all go read and praise the author with gifts and then praise us with bigger gifts. *grins*

Requirements Or What We're Looking For
We're fairly slack with this, of course that's not to say we may bump up the requirements at a later date. We accept all Buffy/crossovers so don't be shy to rec a really un-heard of crossover piece. This is just a general list of what we are looking for and what you should think about before you rec a piece.

[x] Must be Buffy centered. Duh
[x] Plot & setting should be strong, he said she said stories probably won't be posted.
[x] The piece must be beta'd. No one wants to read a piece that is littered with grammar and spelling errors.
[x] Characters should be in-character.

How Do I Recommend a Piece?
Leave a comment in the post with this:

Please note that all comments are screened. If your recommendation doesn't get accepted one of us will leave a reply to your comment as to why. I know you are all thinking I want to rec my own piece. Feel free to do that just know that there is a chance of being labeled self-indulgent. *grins*

Feedback is Love
No flames. None. Constructive criticism is of the good but if anyone gets haughty about someone giving constructive crit they will be punished. Either by an itchy butt curse and/or banned from community. We reserve the right to decide whether or not the offense is serious enough to be banned from the community immediately or if the person will get a warning.

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